Mental Health Adults and Children

Working with Young People who Self Harm Training

Course overview

This one-day course will help you better understand about young people who self-harm. It equips and educates course participants so that they can understand and manage children in looked after care, at school and at home The course raises awareness of the problems identified in "Truth Hurts" A report into self-harm among young people, following a national inquiry by the Camelot Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation.

Target Group

This one-day course is designed for you if you work with, care for, or support young people. It is suitable for you if you are a parent, foster carer or someone who works professionally with young people, particularly those young people in groups considered to be more vulnerable to mental health problems, such as Looked After Children, Adopted Children, Young Offenders or homeless children.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe what self-harm is
  • Describe the individual and environmental factors associated with self-harm
  • Identify high risk groups
  • Describe the reasons young people may self-harm and the possible functions the behaviour serves
  • Describe some ways that you may be able to support a young person who self-harms

Cost: Please contact CQT

Duration: 1 Day

London Borough Sutton Council

I found the self-help approaches very useful and will use them in everyday life with my foster child as he struggles with his emotions which we have been supporting him with for years.

Foster carer - London Borough Sutton Council