CQT is managed by its Founder and Director, Brian Bowlay-Williams who is known for his knowledge and expertise in Mental Health having directed learning and innovation in this field whilst supporting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a Specialist Advisor over the last decade.

Brian's vision is to promote mental health in a positive light and to help eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental illness. As a company CQT believe that the mental health needs of all individuals should be treated with equal importance and be supported in the same way people do about their physical health needs. Hence Brian's drive to resolutely promote First Aid in Mental Health far and wide; because all too often people living with mental health problems still experience stigma and discrimination, many people struggle to get the right help at the right time.

The Arts and Mental Health

It is time to acknowledge the positive contribution the arts can make to a person's mental health and why we should establish an open-minded culture in the workplace to understand the value of arts to an individual's mental wellbeing.

CQT are a very forward thinking and progressive company and have partnered with writer, comic and Mental Health nurse Rob Gee and the company Weave to bring an alternative dimension to how we deliver mental health and wellbeing training and courses to organisations and workforces across the UK.

We believe that the arts can help keep us well, aid our recovery and support longer lives better lived. The arts can help meet major challenges facing health and social care: ageing, long-term conditions, loneliness and mental health.