First Aid for Mental Health

First Aid for Mental Health Schools and Universities

Course Overview

This specially designed regulated one-day training course for schools and universities offers a recognised UK government level 2 FAA Award and qualification. The course is available face-to-face or online and is accompanied by a course manual.

The course will give participants the skills and tools to recognise the early signs of mental health conditions, an understanding of mental health, and the factors that can affect mental wellbeing.

The course will provide participants with a range of practical tools and techniques to help grow their confidence to support themselves, their colleagues, students, and peers. Participants will also learn how to prevent issues from arising by building a supportive culture, encouraging positive conversations, and creating a healthy climate around mental wellbeing.

Participants will not be taught how to diagnose or treat mental health conditions as this can only be carried out by professionals who have the appropriate knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

Target Group

The regulated training course offers a RQF qualification and an FAA level 2 Award and is suitable for all staff that work in education and anyone who actively engages with young adults working or studying in schools or universities.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training the participant will be able to:

  • Know what mental health is, why people develop mental health conditions and the role of a First Aider for mental health.
  • Know how to provide advice and practical support for a person presenting a suspected mental health condition.
  • Know how to recognise and manage stress.
  • Understand the impact of substance abuse on mental health.
  • Understand the first aid action plan for mental health and be able to put it in place.
  • Know how to implement a positive mental health culture in the workplace. Understand a range of mental health disorders and the support/therapy provided by professional healthcare.

Cost: £115.00

Duration: 1 - Day

Refresher Duration: 1/2 - Day

Note: Discounts are available for bookings from educational, health, social care, and not-for-profit organisations. For further information, please get in touch.

Please note that the First Aid for Mental Health and Awareness courses are not bespoke to a university or school environment. They have been designed to work across sectors.